Face Painting and Glitter Bar

We can provide you with Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos and Glitter Bar for any event.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Christenings
  • Weddings
  • Corporate promotional events plus so much more

Face Painting

We always keep our kit clean and to a high standard.  We follow a strict hygiene routine changing our water regulary, cleaning our equipment after every job and only buying the best products on the market that are FDA approved.

We do not paint children under the age of 3 years old as a child's skin is not fully developed until this age. 

Glitter Faces and Glitter Tattoos

We can provide you with festival glitter faces in an array of colours.  We have a clitter bar that will impress your guests.  Our glitter does not run or rub off your face and is guaranteed to stay in place for your event.