Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos 

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Temporary Tattoos are a great addition to any party/event.  They are something different and can be co-ordinated in an aray of colours.  From Glitter Tattoos for 3 yrs upwards, Airbrush Tattoos from 3 yrs upwards and Henna Tattoos from 6yrs upwards.  All can give your party or event that wow factor.  From a bit of bling with glitter tattoos to airbrushed celtic designs for the boys and Henna Tattoos for the more realistic look. 

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos are applied either by stencil or a bespoke hand design.  Childrens faces light up when they see the effect of a glitter tattoo.  They are a fantastic alternative to face painting for children who don't like having their faces painted or want a more lasting experience.  Glitter Tattoos can last 5-7 days unless removed earlier with oil.  Glitter Tattoos are hypo-allergenic and comply with EU regulations for cosmetic use and the stencils used are FDA approved.  

Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos are aimed at slightly older children and adults.  They give that extra something to a party or event for those that don't want their faces painting or think that they're too old for face paints or glitter tattoos.  Henna Tattoos are a non-permanent dying or staining of the top layer of skin using a henna paste product and will last 2-4 weeks dependent on the care of the area applied to. We use only the finest Henna paste and do not use Black Henna in any circumstances. 

Health and Safety

All the above tattoo processes will not be applied on the face or neck area for Health and Safety Reasons.  Tattoos will not be used on people with allergies, sensitive or broken skin and will not be applied to children with the above age restrictions. 

Temporary Tattoos can be used at any event or an addition to any event.  Contact us for more details.

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